ราคา: เริ่มต้น 3,000 บาท
รหัสทัวร์: ANNI

Koh Chang Marine Natural Park occupies 52 islands in Trat province the most important of which is Koh Chang.

The Island is the gem of Eastern marine border of Thailand possessing 429 square meters as the second largest island of the country. Koh Chang is plenty of high mountains and cliffs. Abundant with tropical forest, which has water sources, it has many waterfalls. Moreover, it is highly reputed for its long sandy beaches where are untouched and continue to keep a tranquil charm waiting for all visitors.

Annika Koh Chang, nestled in the arm of natures of Koh Chang to bestow the true escape and tranquility to all visitors, is inspired by the Great Asian Epic Annika in style and architecture. Annika perfectly blends the charm of Oriental ambience and caring hospitality to indulge you.